We are all responsible for ensuring and improving quality in our day-to-day work. This ensures better service for our customers and a safer workplace for the entire work community.

The Systemic Quality Thinking e-learning course provides information on quality and how to improve it effectively in line with the principles of systems thinking. The course provides plenty of practical examples and exercises that will help you improve quality in your own work.

Upon completing the course, you will:

  • Understand key concepts related to quality
  • Be able to examine quality from various perspectives
  • Know the goals and principles according to which quality is improved
  • Understand what systems thinking means
  • Understand what quality deviations are, how they arise from a systems perspective, and how a system can be developed to produce better quality


Quality as a professional skill

The basis of quality

  • What quality means from the perspective of the organization and employee
  • What is a quality deviation?
  • How a quality deviation can be prevented from developing into a defect

Systemic thinking

  • What does systemic thinking mean?
  • What is the difference between individual and systems thinking in the investigation of quality deviations?


Quality deviations in a system

  • How hidden risks emerge
  • How hidden risks lead to quality deviations

System development

  • Quality improvement from a systems viewpoint
  • How to improve quality according to the principles of systems thinking and why this requires the identification of risks

Completing the course takes around 30 minutes.

For whom?

This e-learning is ideal for organizations that are interested in improving their operational quality and want to provide their employees with basic information and a source of inspiration for improving quality in their own work.

Further information

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