The ‘Information security through skills’ e-learning course deals with the basics of information security, regardless of the sector. The focus is on day-to-day work and how everyone can affect their own and their employer’s information security through everyday acts.

The e-learning course discusses the key concepts and areas of information security, such as principles and practices related to confidentiality and the employee’s responsibilities when dealing with confidential information. The course provides practical examples of the secure use of workstations and password management, as well as information on the information security risks that need to be taken into account when using the internet, email, or social media.


  • Introduction to information security
  • Information handling and management
  • Operational security
  • Internet and email security
  • Information security in the social media
  • Final test


Completing the course takes around 30 minutes. When you have completed the course successfully, you can print out the related course certificate.

For whom?

This e-learning is ideal for all organizations, regardless of their sector.

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