Efficient tools for comprehensive safety management

Safety management is a comprehensive, target-oriented, and systematic activity that aims to proactively prevent accidents and damage and minimize the resulting losses. Operational risks must be identified and assessed, and the necessary actions taken in order to ensure the smooth operation and continuity of your business.

The management system creates a framework where management and the entire personnel can work together according to agreed practices and in a controlled manner.

We will help your company improve the safety and quality of its operations by providing effective tools for different areas of safety management.

The Rego HSEQ system translates data into practical actions

The Rego HSEQ system provides easy-to-use tools and an efficient digital operating environment for all areas of safety management.

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Safe operations require sufficient competencies

We offer ready-made e-learning modules, as well as a range of themed lectures and training to improve your employees’ or subcontractors’ safety and quality competencies.

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The Rego HSEQ system currently has over 150,000 users.

Oil refinery

Competence management
improved process safety


The Quality Portal (Laatuportti™) digitalizes quality management processes

Social and health care organizations

The Patient Safety Portal (Potilasturvaportti™) improves national patient safety

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