A well-functioning safety culture is founded on everyday actions at work

Mere risk and problem reporting and the compilation of statistics are no longer adequate measures for modern safety and risk management.

Rego Safety and Risk Management includes all functions required for safety management, from safety reporting to risk management. Rego helps you identify, analyze, and manage risks and areas of improvement related to devices and equipment, people, tasks, materials, and processes.

Real-time data allows you to make prompt and informed decisions in order to prevent and manage risks, as well as ensuring that the implementation of decisions is followed up.

Rego is the only HSEQ system that enables actions to be effectively converted into real changes in day-to-day work.

Rego Risk Management

  • Safety reports and initiatives
  • Risk assessments and analyses
  • Customizable classification and assessment models
  • Assigning responsibility for actions and follow-up
  • Automatic risk register
  • Visual monitoring reports

Collects and processes information efficiently

Rego’s reporting functions efficiently collect and process various safety observations, hazardous situation reports, and development proposals.  Reporting can be done anytime, anywhere.

All data is automatically transferred for processing, and the system ensures that responsibility for the necessary actions is assigned and followed up.

Adaptable risk assessment models

Rego helps to manage strategic, operative, financial, and accident and error risks. General risk assessment models are used for risk assessment, or you can easily adapt forms to your company’s model by using Rego’s integrated editor. The risks involved in change situations or processes can be recorded and processed easily with risk analysis tools.

Scales and classifications used in risk assessment can be tailored to the requirements of your organization’s safety management system.

Tools for decision-making and management

Rego provides efficient tools for risk identification and analysis, as well as the monitoring of risk management measures. The system generates a centralized, real-time risk register and informative risk reports that provide an accurate snapshot of the current safety level.

Tasks related to risk management are controlled and managed in Rego through automatic alerts and emails sent to the responsible person.

Rego Risk Management


  • Risk assessments and analyses
  • Safety initiatives and observations
  • Hazardous situation and accident reports
  • Classification and processing functions
  • Adaptable risk assessment model
  • Assignment and follow-up of risk management tasks
  • Real-time monitoring of the current level of risk
  • Risk register for the entire organization
  • Action register and reminder functions
  • Comprehensive monitoring reports
  • Ready-made and customizable assessment criteria

You can use the following functions to expand Rego Risk Management to support your safety management process:

  • Safety questionnaires and surveys
  • Safety guidelines management
  • Safety data sheet management


  • Enables safety risks to be anticipated
  • All of the necessary functions can be activated through the same service, including risk assessments and analyses, safety surveys, safety reports, and safety management control
  • Assessment forms and risk classifications are fully customizable
  • A combined risk register provides a real-time overview of the safety level and main risks
  • The implementation of improvement actions is easy to verify
  • Includes efficient tools for safe change management

The Rego HSEQ system currently has over 150,000 users.

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