Rego is the only HSEQ system that helps to transform knowledge into actions in daily work

The Rego HSEQ system is a comprehensive solution for risk, quality and competence management. Rego combines activities compliant with quality and safety requirements into a unique entity that makes assessment, development, and monitoring easy and effective.

Rego is a modular service entity with a variety of functionalities that are activated for an organization according to its needs. The service adapts flexibly to your company’s size and needs, all the way from a one-person operation to a large corporation.

Rego HSEQ system modules

  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Quality Management
  • Competence Management
  • Shift and Team Competence Planner

Additional functions

  • Document Management
  • Communications Management
  • Surveys and Questionnaires

Comprehensive and informative reporting

The reporting view provides you with immediate, real-time information in a clear and informative format.

Easy to use

Hazardous situations, deviations, and areas in need of improvement are quick and easy to report.

Assigning responsibility for actions and follow-up

The responsible person is automatically notified of reports and the progress of tasks. Responsible persons and submitters of reports monitor the progress of tasks all the way to their completion.

Customizable criteria

You can define an unlimited number of criteria in Rego for the assessment and monitoring of your operations.

Scales to different devices

Rego has been implemented with a responsive user interface that adapts flexibly to different devices. Safety reports and deviation observations can be entered in the system on a mobile device or during a safety walk, by recording them via a tablet computer.

Easy implementation

Rego is a cloud-based service solution that does not require any software installations for use. Thanks to the classification and assessment models provided, you can quickly and easily get started on practical activities.

Secure and reliable

Rego meets demanding information security requirements, and the system is audited regularly. We actively monitor and assess our processes, infrastructure, and systems.

Integration with other systems

Rego’s interfaces enable smooth integration with other systems in your organization. Data can be transferred from ERP or HR systems to Rego, or Rego can generate data for such systems.

Additional Rego HSEQ functions

Document Management

  • Safety and quality document management
  • Instructions and rules
  • Rescue plans
  • Internal documents
  • Automatic version management
  • Links to external document archives
  • Monitoring the use of documents through competence programs

Communications Management

  • Distribution of safety and quality bulletins
  • Invitations to training
  • Assignments related to quality and safety processes
  • Target group selection and monitoring reading
  • Links to email

Surveys and Questionnaires

  • Safety surveys
  • Safety culture assessments
  • Quality surveys
  • Attitude measurements
  • Your own surveys and questionnaires

Does your business operate in a sector where safety and quality are the key values that drive your operations? The Rego HSEQ is appropriate for sectors including:

Health care, the pharmaceutical sector, and biosciences, including medical devices

The petrochemical industry and other process-based manufacturing

The energy industry

Construction industry

Transportation, including aviation and road transport

The food industry

The mining industry and many other sectors

The Rego HSEQ system currently has over 150,000 users.

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