A single service supports the entire quality management process

The REGO Quality Management module provides efficient tools for systematic quality and safety management. The service makes the assessment, development, and monitoring of your operations easy and effective. Data is always up to date and can be processed quickly. Reporting is automated.

Rego Quality Management

  • Self-assessments
  • Internal and external audits
  • Quality inspections
  • Management reviews
  • Deviation management
  • Development project management
  • Assigning responsibility for actions and workflow monitoring

Efficient control and monitoring of development measures

Automatically generated email notifications and reminders ensure systematic quality and safety development. Key employees are kept informed of new audits, quality observations, tasks, and deadlines without having to log into the service.

An overview provides continuously up-to-date information

Rego Quality Management allows the organization’s management to easily monitor the development of operational quality and safety. Up-to-date information on observations made and the resulting actions can be pulled from the system at any time.

External auditors can be linked to the system

User management and workflows enable different types of auditing processes to be monitored, and even allow the involvement of participants from outside the organization. The same auditor can work smoothly with several client organizations.

This can also be applied in large organizations, where participants from different parts of the organization are involved in the auditing process.

Can be customized for different auditing needs

Rego Quality Management can easily be customized to your organization’s auditing needs. Audits are always based on the criteria or standards stored in the system. These can be customized using the integrated form and template editor.

Rego Quality Management includes the quality audit processes of various standards (ISO 9001, SHSQ, STM).

Rego Quality Management


  • Audits and self-assessments
  • Quality inspections
  • Management reviews
  • Development projects
  • Reporting quality deviations
  • Assigning responsibility for actions and workflow monitoring
  • Customizable forms and criteria
  • Electronic quality manual and instructions


  • Ensures compliance with requirements and the achievement of quality targets
  • The service comprises all quality management functions required for the management of development projects and change processes
  • Informative summary available of all quality management events
  • Automatic email notifications ensure that information is distributed to all key employees
  • External auditors can easily be linked to the system

The Rego HSEQ system currently has over 150,000 users.

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