The Patient Safety Portal is an innovative and comprehensive digital learning and analytics solution.  It provides a state-of-the-art platform for developing a common high-reliability patient safety culture by enabling systematic and continuous training and offering tools for promoting patient safety effectively, continuously, and at competitive cost.

Reforming Patient Safety Culture

The Patient Safety Portal reforms patient safety culture by increasing

  • Awareness of patient safety challenge
  • Understanding of patient safety fundamentals
  • Ability to provide safer care

All essential tools for patient safety promotion are in one place

  • Patient Safety Through Skill e-learning program for standardized and continuous training
  • Promotion tools for quality and patient safety information
  • Management tools for systemic work processes and activity monitoring
  • Easy access to a cloud-based solution from any device that has a web browser

Effective Patient Safety basic e-learning

Highly effective Patient Safety Through Skill program consisting of 10 modules, created in accordance with WHO Curriculum Guidelines.

Helping you to accelerate the right change

Patient safety is everyone’s business and it should be easy and interactive. The Patient Safety Portal is personal, structured and easy to use.

With the help of the Patient Safety Portal people are getting involved with patient safety, reforming their mind-set and creating an environment for patient safety innovations and initiatives.


Easy access and real time activity tracking supports efficient patient safety management.

Quick and easy start with cloud-based portal

The Patient Safety Portal is a cloud-based and a SaaS service (Software as a Service) that does not require any software installations for use.

Modular structure enables customization according your organization´s needs when required.

Over 130,000 registered users.

The majority of the users (80%) consider that the Patient Safety e-learning is useful or highly useful.

A major hospital district (4550 users) reported a 30% reduction in adverse events after two years of using Qreform’s Patient Safety Portal.

Patient Safety Through Skill e-learning program

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The Patient Safety Portal improves national patient safety

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