Skilled and competent employees are the basis of safe and high-quality operations

Safety and quality are created together, and the attitude and competence of each employee makes a difference. Rego Competence Management and Rego Shift and Team Competence Planner include comprehensive functions for developing employees’ competencies and managing and maintaining safety-critical competencies.

Rego Competence Management

  • Competence register
  • Competency achievement programs
  • Maintaining competencies
  • Automatic notifications of outdated competencies
  • Face-to-face coaching and e-learning management and monitoring

Competence achievement programs tied to schedules and performance

Competence requirements can be defined for each role or job according to the requirements of the job. Each competency is achieved and maintained through a defined competence achievement program that can include requirements related to studying various documents, attending e-learning or face-to-face courses, on-the-job demonstrations, experience, or basic training.

Flexible training material management and monitoring

E-learning solutions can be accessed through Rego’s own training portal or another learning management system (LMS).

Information on outdated competencies is quickly made available to employees

Competence maintenance is ensured by an automatic workflow that generates automated personal notifications and further training requirements for employees, when a sub-area of a competence is changed in the system.

Rego Shift and Team Competence Planner

  • Definition and management of competence requirements in a shift matrix
  • Planning and simulation of resource use
  • Overview of the competence status and gaps at a glance
  • Simulation of shift competencies

Ensure the right competence for every shift

Rego Shift and Team Competence Planner is the most versatile software on the market for managing the competencies and skills of multi-professional teams and shifts.

Rego helps ensure the right competence for every shift. This planning tool allows you to simulate the availability of competencies and skills in the future.

An efficient shift planning tool

Competence management for shifts is implemented with a flexible planning matrix, using which you can define the competencies required for tasks in each shift. Shift supervisors can then plan the shift calendars by employee, while the system indicates the employee’s competencies in relation to requirements in real time.


  • Improved resource management
  • Overview of the competence profiles of teams and production lines at a glance
  • Continuously up-to-date snapshot of training and recruitment needs
  • Simulating and evaluating the impact of training plans for competence profiles of teams and production lines
  • Obtain advance warning of situations in which future staff and skill shortages are forecast
  • Quickly ensure that all employees have the required competencies and skills for the job
  • Systematically define the content of competencies and skills, as well as the requirements for their achievement and maintenance
  • Define and automate the content and schedule of refresher training programs in advance, in order to ensure up-to-date knowledge and skills for different jobs

The Rego HSEQ System currently has over 150,000 users.

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