An oil refinery chose Qreform as its partner for a change project aimed at improving competence management in production lines, and creating a solution for systematic competence management and the development of a safety culture. The solution was designed to reduce quality deviations and process shutdowns.

More than 5,000 users

An oil refinery uses the Competence Management module of Qreform’s REGO HSEQ system to ensure the competence of oil refinery operators. The system includes the management of competence achievement and maintenance, as well as the planning and maintenance of competence profiles for product lines. There are currently over 5,000 users.

The REGO Competence Management module enables you specify the content and achievement requirements for task-specific competencies. Competence maintenance programs can be defined in detail and scheduled. Refresher courses or materials are then automatically opened for employees whose competence is about to become outdated, as specified in the program. The employees’ competencies will be updated once they have completed the refresher training.

The competence management module can be used to manage work instructions, operative bulletins, e-learning, simulator training, classroom tuition, induction, tests, self-assessments, and other functions related to ensuring competencies.

Training simulation provides a view of the impact of training on competence profiles

The competence profiles of teams and production lines are managed and monitored through visually informative matrix views. A matrix view can be used to simulate the impact of various training courses on competence profiles, which allows any recruitment and training needs to be identified well in advance. Efficient employee resource and competence management brings cost savings.

The Qreform solution is also used at the refinery for the systematic assessment of work-related risks. Task-related risk factors can be identified and recorded on a task-specific basis in risk registers. The solution enables the effective and centralized monitoring of assessment and management processes.