We offer easy-to-use software services, consultation and e-learning for practical and effective safety and quality management. Our expertise is based on extensive knowledge of human factors, as well as long-term experience of safety-critical work. We specialize in applying safety concepts, knowledge and methods developed in the aviation industry to other sectors.

Our experts have wide and comprehensive experience of high-risk industries, based on different roles in a range of organizations. We believe in information exchange between industries and learning from best practices.


  • Founded in 2014
  • Owned by its management
  • Operations in Finland and the United States
  • In 2017, Qreform expanded by acquiring software company Gravasoft Oy
  • Inhouse production teams for software development and digital training
  • Rego HSEQ software has over 150,000 registered users
  • A growing and profitable business


Pekka Erkama
Pekka Erkama is a safety management and human factors specialist who focuses on risk and error management, as well as the development of competences and safety cultures in safety-critical organizations.
Pekka has twenty years of broad experience of executive consulting and the training of operative staff in various industries. Through his work as an airline pilot, Pekka has practical experience of using risk and error management methods in safety-critical work. He has a particular focus on human factor theories and applying aviation approaches and practices to different operating environments.
Timo Honkavaara
Timo Honkavaara brings together the theory and practice of quality management. Timo has served in many demanding specialist and managerial positions in the aviation industry.
Timo has strong expertise of strategic leadership, business development, and the implementation and management of change projects. He is a specialist in value network management and control methods from the perspective of strategic leadership, as well as compliance with standards and safety management.
Timo Raaska
Timo Raaska is an experienced professional in digital change management and e-learning. For more than twenty years, he has been introducing new thinking to Finnish companies’ competence development and management.
Timo’s background is in the software business, and he has contributed to the development of various learning platforms and the content services created with them. Timo has acted as an entrepreneur, manager, and organizational developer throughout his career.

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